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Leap Day on Nantucket

I interrupt this heat wave to bring you Angie & Kiefer's Leap Day Nantucket Wedding! For those of you who need a reminder, Leap Day is February 29th and occurs once every 4 years. And before you ask, no, I don't think that because it was on the Leap Day they will only celebrate their anniversary once every 4 years or that either of them will get out of buying any gifts. This wonderful couple does everything a little untraditionally, so naturally, Nantucket at the end of February was the perfect choice for them.

It has been a while since their wedding but I cant express how much I revisit their day. Their wedding happened right before COVID brought our world to a stop. Sitting here writing this blog post at the end of July, it is the most recent wedding that I have done. I should have had at least 10 more weddings after theirs until this point. Instead, these weddings have had to postpone to next year. I think I have been holding off doing this post because Im worried I wont have anything to share afterwards... but I will. Plenty of elopements and micro weddings just like this one (before it was a requirement.) I will have weddings this fall because these wonderful couples are just like Angie and Kiefer and will let nothing stop the celebration of their love, not a windy, winter storm that cancels ferries and not a pandemic.

The Details:

Their unique choice of date did not come without it's complications. I frequently reminded them during the planning process that Nantucket in February could include snow, rain, wind, delayed ferries or flights, closed hotels and reduced venue options.. basically that it was a choice not for the faint of heart. They were up for the challenge and repeatedly expressed as long as the two of them were together and they were able to get married nothing else mattered. Nothing else. I don't revisit their day often just because it was the last wedding I had, but because I need to remind myself of their love.

Well, it is good that they had this view point because they faced a few of these challenges. These two love birds did not got to see their ceremony or reception venue until the week of their wedding due to bad winter weather during their planned pre-wedding trip. Angie had never been to Nantucket until the week of the wedding! Everything was done over the phone or through email! Their cake tasting was 4 days before the wedding. The week of the wedding some of their guests had to come earlier than planned due to a Friday storm that was likely to cancel the ferries. Even with all these challenges, everything on the day of the wedding went perfectly!

The Ceremony:

I teared up and cried during their emotional, intimate ceremony. I don't think there was a dry eye in the church. These two had no problem putting their love into words. They reminded me to take a step back and just appreciate more of everything. Appreciate spending time together, appreciate the beauty in unorthodox areas, appreciate the family you create around you and appreciate the journey. They also taught me that a group of 20 people can party just as hard as a group of 200!

Angie & Kiefer, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your special day! I loved your love for each other. You have the last photo of the Main St statue before it was hit by a car the following week, your cape was stunning and Im so proud of you for climbing up the church steeple in those heels! I hope your wedding was everything you wanted it to be <3

The Reception:

Wedding team:

Planning & design: Magnolia Affairs

Reception Venue: Great Harbor Yacht Club

DJ & Photo booth: DJ Ra-mu & the Crew

Florals: Soiree Floral

Hair & Make Up: Melissa David Salon

Linens: BBJ & Nuage Designs

Transportation: Cranberry Transport

Invitations: Minted

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