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Fall Colors

Amanda and Nate found me a little later than most couples do. Amanda and her mom had planned on doing most of the planning, but an unexpected job change and subsequent cross-country move proved very time consuming - so they searched for a planner! Amanda had already chosen Dakotah at Jardiniere Events as their florist and it was the kind of pairing that can only be described as pure perfection. I have had brides defer planning choices to their mom, a friend etc in the past. This time, all decisions were directed to Dakotah. Amanda and Dakotah must have been sharing telepathic wedding visions with each other because they were always on the same page. Amanda's love of color just made Dakotah fall in love with her even more. As someone who also happens to love Dakotah the two months we spent finalizing details were a heavenly design playground.

Often I miss the "first looks." The ones with the soon to be Mr or Mrs, the ones with the parents. However, I got to witness one on Amanda's wedding day. Amanda had requested a "first look" with Dakotah and we all cried as it happened. It was the first time I have ever had a bride request a first look with a wedding pro and it was magical. It was one of those moments that remind us how incredibly lucky we are to be apart of such a special day. The relationships that are created during the planning process become so, so special to us. It also reminds me how lucky I am to work with vendors, teammates, who care so much about the couples we help. There is something special about the south.

Amanda and Nate were married at the Moss Creek in October. It started sprinkling on their ceremony but nothing could dampen their sprits. (I always carry a few clear umbrellas just in case!) They kissed under the good luck rain and headed under the cover of the back porch for cocktail hour. As y'all know- Im a big fan of back porches and this one is no exception! It overlooked the marsh and was scattered with iron furniture- a souther staple. The rain cleared and group photos were taken on the back lawn- which included a hilarious attempt at carrying the groom. Stations were served in what I refer to as the "brick room," a gorgeous white-washed enclosed brick patio that made me want to reach for a glass of sweet tea- maybe with a splash of bourbon?

They mingled and danced the night away with their friends and family who had traveled from all over the country to celebrate with them.


Florals & Design: Jardiniere Events

Venue & Catering: Moss Creek

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